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My name is Ryan Banfield. I am a federal public servant, a writer and a passionate follower of all things political.
Please enjoy my works listed below and my story on the “About” page. Also, feel free to reach out and I would be happy to talk with you about whatever you want to discuss.

Ryan’s Relevant Works and Appearances

This table displays all of Ryan’s published writings and podcast episodes relating to politics, government affairs and other topics from 2019 onwards. This table also displays a selection of other works such as relevant school papers and videos relating to politics.

DateRyan’s work or appearanceItem
6.13.2022Ryan’s WorkWhy Extremist Political Parties Typically do not Win Seats in Canadian Parliament
4.18.2022Ryan’s WorkMedium: Chansons pop qui changent brusquement d’ambiance dans leurs refrains : pourquoi certaines sont géniales et d’autres pas
3.4.2022Ryan’s WorkYouTube: Breana Dog Campaign Vid (FR)
3.4.2022Ryan’s WorkYouTube: Breana Dog Campaign Vid (EN)
11.26.2021AppearanceLa Rotonde: L’option de note satisfaisant/non satisfaisant : une fausse bonne idée ?
11.17.2021AppearanceThe Fulcrum: Max Zimmerman, Gulliver’s omnibus motion and Banfield’s motion to alleviate pressures from grades the highlights from UOSU’s 2021 FGA
11.17.2021AppearanceLa Rotonde: Une Assemblée générale haute en couleurs pour le ​​SÉUO
11.15.2021AppearanceUOSU Fall General Assembly 2021
11.15.2022Ryan’s WorkMotion 10.3: Affirming Freedom and Promoting Transparency (pages 7-8, 18-19)
11.15.2022Ryan’s WorkMotion 10.2: Pressuring the University of Ottawa to Reduce the Pressure of
(pages 5-7, 16-18)
12.24.2020Ryan’s WorkMedium: The Recent History of uOttawa Undergraduate Tuition
11.24.2020Ryan’s WorkPAP 2300 Final Essay
8.9.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: Monologue: What I Learned from Researching Ontario’s Undergraduate Tuition
7.28.2020AppearanceYoung Money with Tracey Bissett: EP151 Milli Moves: Financial Fitness Tips from Postsecondary Podcasters Paris Grant & Ryan Banfield
7.21.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: News: 7.21.2020
6.18.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: Interview with Abraham Litwin-Logan on Climate Change and Environmental Policies
6.17.2020Ryan’s WorkSubmission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology’s study on the Canadian Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
6.1.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: Interview with Avia Amon and Kennedy Onyechie on Youth Political Involvement
5.16.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: Interview with Kayley Ting on the Integration of Technology into Healthcare
5.4.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: Interview with Charley Dutil on How COVID-19 has Changed Canadian Politics
5.1.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: News: 5.1.2020
4.26.2020Ryan’s WorkCivNews: News: 4.26.2020
11.29.2019Ryan’s WorkMaking a Case for Computer Generated Imagery in Movies
11.10.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: U of O Students who Serve Reflect on Remembrance Day
11.03.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Grammy-Nominated Guitarist Discusses Mental Health and Music
10.10.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier PPC Candidate Looks to Confront Opioid Crisis
10.09.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Independent Candidate Wants to See Change in Voting System
10.09.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier NDP Candidate Focuses on the Future Generation
10.08.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Communist Party Candidate Looks to Fight Poverty, Tax the Rich
10.08.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Liberal Candidate Looking for Reelection
10.08.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Green Party Candidate Looks to Reduce Poverty, Homelessness
9.20.2019Ryan’s WorkThe Fulcrum: FulcFit Food Series: Hunger Crusher Smoothie


If you want to connect with Ryan, you can email him at [email protected] or contact him via his LinkedIn profile.

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