Hello. My name is Ryan Banfield.

I was born in Toronto and grew up in Orangeville, ON and Richmond Hill, ON. During high school, the changing nature of politics developed within me a profound interest in government activity, official decision making and how these activities can ultimately be used to help large numbers of people. Because of this, I decided to dedicate my professional career to the Government of Canada and my interest in public sector affairs has grown ever since. I decided to pursue a Joint Honours degree in Public Administration and Political Science at the University of Ottawa.

In 2019, at the beginning of my first university term, I joined the Fulcrum, University of Ottawa English-language independent student newspaper. I found this to be a natural fit for me because of my long-established interest in media. With the 2019 Canadian federal election a month away, I embarked on my first major journalism project: Interviewing as many local candidates as I could. The resulting articles became the most popular articles on the Fulcrum’s website during the time leading up to the election.

In 2020, COVID-19 swept across the world, eliciting responses from every government. After completing my first year of university, I launched CivNews. The podcast was meant to fill a gap in the news due to the media’s focus on the elected realm of politics while rarely exploring the affairs of the civil service. The government responses to COVID-19 provided an endless amount of content to report on. A few episodes in, however, the project began to evolve into something more. Inviting interviewees opened the opportunity to explore topics of politics and governance through conversation.

My largest journalism project began in early 2020 as an idea to simply graph my university’s tuition over time. In the summer of 2020, however, it grew and evolved into an ambitious synopsis of how undergraduate tuition works in Ontario. It was eventually posted in December of that year.

As I continue my university career and begin my career in the public sector, I am excited to see what the future holds.