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12.24.2020Medium: The Recent History of uOttawa Undergraduate Tuition
11.24.2020PAP 2300 Final Essay
8.9.2020CivNews: Monologue: What I Learned from Researching Ontario’s Undergraduate Tuition
7.28.2020Young Money with Tracey Bissett: EP151 Milli Moves: Financial Fitness Tips from Postsecondary Podcasters Paris Grant & Ryan Banfield
7.21.2020CivNews: News: 7.21.2020
6.18.2020CivNews: Interview with Abraham Litwin-Logan on Climate Change and Environmental Policies
6.17.2020Submission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology’s study on the Canadian Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
6.1.2020CivNews: Interview with Avia Amon and Kennedy Onyechie on Youth Political Involvement
5.16.2020CivNews: Interview with Kayley Ting on the Integration of Technology into Healthcare
5.4.2020CivNews: Interview with Charley Dutil on How COVID-19 has Changed Canadian Politics
5.1.2020CivNews: News: 5.1.2020
4.26.2020CivNews: News: 4.26.2020
11.10.2019The Fulcrum: U of O Students who Serve Reflect on Remembrance Day
11.03.2019The Fulcrum: Grammy-Nominated Guitarist Discusses Mental Health and Music
10.10.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier PPC Candidate Looks to Confront Opioid Crisis
10.09.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Independent Candidate Wants to See Change in Voting System
10.09.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier NDP Candidate Focuses on the Future Generation
10.08.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Communist Party Candidate Looks to Fight Poverty, Tax the Rich
10.08.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Liberal Candidate Looking for Reelection
10.08.2019The Fulcrum: Ottawa-Vanier Green Party Candidate Looks to Reduce Poverty, Homelessness
9.20.2019The Fulcrum: FulcFit Food Series: Hunger Crusher Smoothie